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Embrace Change and Transformation

Embrace Change and Transformation. Unlock your potential and manifest lightness of being, purpose, joy, and meaningful relationships with guidance from Susan Farber, Licensed Marriage and Family  Therapist.

Are you feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, disconnected, and stagnant in life?  Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, physical pain, isolation, and relationship issues?  With over 20 years of experience helping people overcome their problems, I offer a blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy and mind-body modalities, facilitating change and transformation.  Together, we unwind the beliefs you hold onto that keep you fearful, stuck and limited. This allows you to make new choices in all areas of your life, enabling a state of peace, calm, and fulfillment. When you are no longer held back by a limited point of view, you are more flexible, open, and able to make positive changes.  My unique mind-body approach to treatment teaches you how stress and tension turn up the volume of physical pain and contribute to illness. You come to realize how repressed emotions and unresolved trauma create stress and tension, blocking you from moving forward in life. We work together to release these emotions from your past and find ways to regulate your nervous system, giving you the freedom to enjoy the present.  Telehealth and in-person sessions are available.



Contact Information
Contact: Susan Farber
Title: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone: 805 886-5538
540 Alisal Road, #3 93463
200 North La Cumbre, Ste A, Santa Barbara, California, USA 93110