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As a licensed family child care, we have been dedicated to serving the families of the Central Coast since 2018. Located in Santa Maria, we have grown drastically over the last year. We currently serve families within our city while also supporting families who travel from San Luis Obispo County and other cities within Santa Barbara County.

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Our motto is all about growth. How can we encourage children to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually? How can we guide children to reach their fullest potential? How do we begin to teach children about their own creative selves? These are the challenging questions we ask ourselves. And these are the questions that help us make teaching decisions in our day-to-day curriculum.

Although we appreciate the traditional style of teaching, Seeds strives for a uniquely different learning experience. We are an up-and-coming Montessori-inspired child care. We want our children to explore their environment using all their senses and develop their minds through their natural surroundings. The Montessori Method allows children to grow at their own pace. It allows children to be creative, innovative, and persistent while staying motivated. It reinforces their own special individuality and promotes competition within themselves instead of competing with others or being held to a higher standard assumed by a traditional learning curriculum.

Through observation, multimodal learning, and mixed-aged classrooms we foster the independent thinker who will become the visionary entrepreneur: We support the esteemed performers, accomplished musicians, and tech innovators. And we aim to further the mindful citizen and advance the practical human. To attain these goals, we must ultimately instill in our children an optimistic mindset with the idea that they can accomplish anything.

Contact Information
Contact: Ciara Main Odhiambo
Title: Owner
Santa Maria, California, USA