The Justice People: Affordable Alternative To Hiring A Lawyer

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The Justice People is a California-based non-attorney legal document preparer with years of experience. Our team helps with the preparation of legal documents for self-represented litigants based on factual information provided by our clients.

We are not your typical legal document preparer. We offer a non-attorney service with correct documents for your court matters at a competitive rate. Our court document specialist team offers professional and affordable services to clients on the Central Coast and throughout California.

We are registered & bonded Legal Document Assistants. A legal document assistant (LDA) is a non-lawyer authorized to prepare legal documents for people representing themselves in legal matters. Legal Document Assistants are prohibited from providing legal advice or opinion but can prepare legal documents, provide attorney-authored or attorney-approved general information, and provide published legal documents, file and serve documents at the direction of the client. Laws concerning legal document assistants are outlined in the California Business and Professions Code (BPC 6400-6415).

Contact Information
Contact: Tyler Stuart
Title: Legal Document Assistant
239 W Tefft St, Nipomo, California, USA 93444