Vino et Amicis Wine Bar

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We specialize in serving ONLY local, ONLY small production wines.  We also have a small selection of local beers on tap.

We have NO MASK or VACCINE requirements for our employees or customers.  We publicly stood up to the Governor’s unconstitutional mandates and were the only ones the state tried to prosecute criminally for it in Santa Barbara County.  I fought the prosecution demanding a complete dismissal of all charges or I wanted a jury trial.  The DA knew that had no case to begin with and ended up dropping all charges.

We ALL need to stand up and say “NO!”.  The only power the government has over us is the power we give them through submission.  We can stop these tyrants right now.  We all need to unite and say “NO!” in a collective, loud, and united voice.

Contact Information
Contact: Kurt Hixenbaugh
Title: Owner
Phone: 8054316019
165 S. Broadway St. #101, Santa Maria, California, USA 93455