About Our Movement

Our movement was born out of frustration surrounding a lack of leadership with many of our local elected officials especially pertaining to how the recent closures of small businesses and schools were handled.

Founders and Leadership Team

Chris Cucchiara, Sr.

Coach Chris has been a dedicated entrepreneur since he was 8 years old. He has been coaching individuals and businesses for 40 years in the areas of business and human development; leadership, and lifestyle management.  Chris has also been a small business owner since 1980. 

His coaching philosophies were sculpted through his own “real-life” experiences as an eight-year national title holder in competitive body building and being a successful serial entrepreneur for 40 years. 

Coach Chris has been a pillar in our community for the past thirteen years and has an amazing reputation with local doctors, healthcare, and business professionals.  As part of his commitment to serving our community, in 2014 he launched Prevention on Purpose (POP1), a unique venue focused on educating communities on the importance of proactive prevention versus reactive intervention. They are meant to increase awareness with solution-based strategies that affect positive change.

With an insatiable passion, relentless drive, and determination to make a difference on the Central Coast and help establish San Luis Obispo as the Healthiest County in America, Coach Chris opened ReGenesis360 in November of 2017. Chris is a resident of Arroyo Grande, happily married to his wife Julie of 22 years, they have two adult children.

Pat Sparrow

Patrick Sparrow and his wife Terri have been residents of San Luis Obispo County since 1978 living in Arroyo Grande for the past 27 years. They have two children and five grandchildren in the area, and another daughter, son-in-law and grandson residing in San Francisco.

A graduate of Cal Poly with a career that consists of 15 years in home building and mortgage banking and 25 years in ministry, he currently serves Equippers Church of Arroyo Grande as Senior Minister. In addition, Patrick is active in the Five Cities Ministry Association, the Global Leadership Team of ACTS Churches International, the official dialogue of New Charismatic Churches with the Vatican Pontifical Council and other ministry organizations.

Because of the events of the past several months his interest has shifted to community activism with The People of Purpose.

“I am not a protester at heart, I have spent much of my life trying to bring sides together for mutual understanding and cooperation, but the recent political/social/economic fabrications have caused great concern for those of conservative values that love the Central Coast. The efforts of elected officials to give up our identity and freedoms for the sake of compliance to the experimental whims of the Governor and his policies are blind sighted with potentially devastating consequences. California is a broken State surviving on Federal subsidies and Sacramento social media is not the place to look for inspiration. There are thriving counties and cities with outstanding schools in other States that should become our models. We have become victims of the blind leading the blind crippled by political allegiance with the emphasis on policy implementation instead of capitalist innovation. A new leadership with fresh vision must arise.”

Jim Douglas

Jim Douglas is the Human Resources Director for the Healing Rooms Apostolic Center in Santa Maria, formerly serving as the Five Cities Vineyard Church’s Senior Associate Pastor, Worship Ministry Pastor, board member and elder.

Jim’s business career included advertising & marketing positions in the alpine ski industry, and several executive level positions in the banking industry before founding a regional mortgage brokerage firm here on the Central Coast in 1988. At the peak of the company’s growth, Jim and his team achieved over $50 million in annual sales. 

Throughout his career, Jim has trained and mentored many people in leadership development, communications, sales, and marketing.

Happily married for 42 years, Jim and Cindy—both born and raised in California—made a quality-of-life decision to move to the Central Coast where they raised their family and started the business. They have four grown children and four grandkids!

Josh Frantz

Josh Frantz is a father, business owner, and United States Marine Corps Veteran. His first and foremost passion is his family and ensuring our community maintains the freedoms and values this great country was founded upon for his kids. Josh and His wife Desra own Frantz Construction, a Custom Home Building company. Josh leads his company with excellence and cares deeply about his clients and employees putting them first in all he does. As a Veteran, Josh is passionate about our Republic, and the constitution that governs our Republic. His mission in being a part of our movement is to put our community first and see positive change so that the American Dream can live on!

Who We Are And What We Stand For!

We are Constitutional Revolutionaries

We believe in the Constitution and its original intent to protect the hopes, dreams, and liberties of ‘We’ the people. We are dedicated to applying these constitutional rights to our local communities through education and action.

We support our military, law enforcement, and first responders. We strongly oppose government overreach and ensure our local elected officials do as well. We believe change can be achieved through peaceful constitutional means, so long as it is upheld.

The People of Purpose (POP2) movement welcomes all patriots regardless of political party, race, creed, or religious beliefs that fully support America’s founding values and the rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

We believe in a government that is for the people and not driven by their own special interests.  A government that supports personal health freedom – the freedom to manage our own health care.  A government that supports economic freedom, with a focus on small businesses.  And a government that truly supports the freedom of speech.

Our strategy is to help build our local economy, build educational programs, and build strategic partnerships with like-minded groups and organizations. In doing so, this will help our movement achieve the goal of 10,000 freedom fighters.